We bring a passion for
publishing into a digital age.

Through the use of our automated technology (lovingly called The Story Machine) Trapdoor Technologies converts complex documents into fully interactive, nonlinear software applications.


Storybook goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional e-book reader by combining audio, video, reference materials, annotations and bookmarks to create a more interactive storytelling experience.


We are Trapdoor.

Trapdoor Technologies is a unique Colorado-based software company with considerable experience in the publishing industry.

Our team has deep software development roots spanning over 20 years of enterprise operations and consumer application development and our design team includes award-winning talent in both visual and UX design disciplines.

The Story Machine

Our flagship product, the Story Machine, converts training materials, manuals, forms, books or documents of any size into highly intuitive applications for your customers or employees to use.

With capabilities extending far beyond a PDF, our technology unlocks the true potential of digital publishing.

Some of the features of our technology

The Story Machine allows for many advancements in document publishing
here are a few of the highlights.

Dynamic Linking
Link within a document, between documents in your library, or to websites and other reference materials that you define.
User Focused
Increase engagement with our design focus on simplicity and easy-to-use library, reference and reader features.
Enhanced Content
Expand beyond traditional content to include in-app multimedia, audio overlays, interactive widgets, games, etc.
Highly Updatable
Publish and distribute new material and changes to existing content quickly and easily from the Story Machine.
Measureable Feedback
Understand how readers are interacting with your content - abandonment rates, engagement times, etc. with usage metric reports.
Safe & Secure
Keep your content from being distributed illegally while still allowing controlled sharing between authorized readers.

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