Playbook integrates all the components of a complex tabletop roleplaying game
into a single application that can be run on your iPad.

Role-playing, not rule-playing

With Playbook, everything is at your fingertips from rulebooks, adventures, characters, and maps to the most specific character customization - even a hard-earned badge from an epic homebrew campaign. Rolling up characters, running adventures, tracking campaigns and compiling logbooks are no longer chores, but an integrated, shareable experience.

Game Systems

Playbook, is available now for the Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) rule system. We are signing up new partners and new games systems - most recently The Ed Greenwood Group's forthcoming Hellmaw roleplaying game. Check our announcements to see if your favorite game system is in the works.

A Slew of Powerful Features

Playbook provides ease-of-play for newcomers while providing a deeply rich experience for long-time players and game masters alike. Below is a list of some of the many features available.

Online or offline
prep and play

Extensible ruleset with
easy rules look up

Search and cross-reference
between resources

Create or edit information
for monsters, traps, items, or

Easy party planning and

Track encounters with
monster and player stats

Change encounters on the
fly and track outcomes

Share player version maps
and secret messages

Reward players with special
badges and awards

Generate NPC’s quickly
and easily

Interact with friends and
the Playbook community

An Overview of Our Module System

Playbook features 7 closely-integrated modules that unlock the potential of tabletop roleplaying by
immersing players in the storytelling aspects rather than in bookkeeping and rules checking.

Home Module
Game Night mode to synchronize all Playbook modules for the evening's adventure; display your hard-won badges and honors; and keep updated with the latest Playbook announcements.
Character Module
Build and manage characters; character generation from novice to expert; customize your character sheet; and quickly generate NPC’s.
Adventure Module
As a GM, manage your adventure, track encounters, share maps and take notes. Links in the adventure allow for instant information lookup. If you’re a player, a customizable logbooks keeps notes, maps and your adventure exploits organized and sharable.
Campaign Module
The big picture of an RPG setting is sometimes lost in the details. This module keeps the campaign story arc organized and available with campaign maps, major world events and notable places and people easy to find.
Party Module
Share information, pass secret notes, and muster your own game nights.
Library Module
Read your own creations or browse through an expanding library of content from small publishers and our prolific community of homebrew and indie authors!
Forge Module (in development)
A powerful toolkit for easily creating your worlds. Everything from modifying monsters to making maps - edit existing content or start from scratch.

a growing

The initial Playbook library spotlights just a few adventures, but we are working on expanding our selection with new authors and titles in the near future.

every story starts somewhere.

Our story is just beginning. We have big plans for Playbook, so stay
tuned for updates and feature enhancments.

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