everything you expect from an e-book reader
...and a whole lot more.

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Storybook goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional e-book reader by combining audio, video, reference materials, annotations and bookmarks to create a more interactive storytelling experience.

pick up where
you left off.

Storybook utilizes an evolving synopsis which give readers the ability to remember where they are in the story.

Why evolving? Storybook would never risk spoiling a potential plot twist or event.

packed full of features that encourage
exploration and discovery.

Reference Links
Get more information from Wikipedia or other reference materials
Audio Links
Hear sound effects, author interviews, and other audio content
Video Links
Watch interviews with authors, or other video content
Location Info
View specific locations in your story using Google Maps
Character Synopsis
Read evolving character information without risk of spoliers
Mark an important place in the story so you can revisit it later
Make searchable notes for yourself within the margins of your story
Internal Links
Follow links to other parts of the story

Reader view (landscape)

a growing

The initial Storybook library features just a few books that are near and dear to our heart, but we are working on expanding our selection with new authors and titles in the near future.

Fans of Hellmaw.

Trapdoor has teamed up with the Ed Greenwood Group
to create Onder Librum for iPad.

Onder Librum is a special version of Storybook that enables readers to explore Hellmaw - the grisly, daemon-run Earth created by the authors of the Ed Greenwood Group. Onder Librum contains all the Hellmaw novels and combines audio, video, interactive reading features, and games to provide an immersive storytelling experience. With new Hellmaw novels and materials published regularly, make sure to keep up with new releases via Twitter and Facebook!

every story starts somewhere.

Our story is just beginning. We have big plans for Storybook, so stay
tuned for updates and feature enhancements.

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